Never Enough Time?


Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I had more time, I don’t have enough time, I never have time!” Me too. I spend so much time doing things for others, I never seem to have time for myself or the things I want to do….. or do I?  We all live such busy lives, working to timescales and routines to make sure everything gets done and everyone is in the right place, that when the day comes to a close, we are so tired we don’t have the physical or mental capacity to do anything else!

I started thinking about how I could find more time in my day, but it didn’t matter how many times I thought about it or tried to look at it in different ways, I didn’t have a magic wand, and I couldn’t make more time.

Whenever I get stuck I turn to the experts. I started googling how to manage time and read different articles, but nothing seemed to resonate.  Organisation is not my strong suit – I admit it, I’m that friend who is always late!  So what is the solution?

Time or Priorities?

I really like TED talks on YouTube there are some great speakers who actually have relaevant and useful insights to share.  I found one by Laura Vanderkam about free time.  I watched it intently, look for the answer and it was brilliant! She didn’t tell me a secret formula or tell me what to do, she made me think, and think hard!

What she explains is that we all have free time, but what we don’t do is see the things we want to do as priorities.  She was absolutely right.  When I was setting up this blog, it took me a whole lot longer than I thought.  Because it was important to me, I managed to find extra hours in my day (even after the daily grind and endless drop offs and pick ups!) to set it up.

We all have things we have to do in our lives to in order to make sure the wheels keep turning.  We have work and family commitments, financial obligations that are a priority because we need to be able to live and pay our bills!

But for me, if I am serious about pursuing my dreams of writing for a living and changing my life, I have to make writing it a priority.  I can’t make excuses about being tired and busy – if it is important I will do it.  If I don’t, another year will pass and nothing will change.

It is the same for all of us.  We can choose to do the same thing over and over again and nothing will change, or we can decide what our priorities are and make time for them.

What should be your priority?







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