Just Get on With It!


Focus and take back control!

Why do we have the best intentions but sometimes don’t follow through? We know what it is that we are unhappy about, but days, weeks and months pass, and we wonder when things will change.

This week I slipped back into procrastination mode – which is really easy to do! I had a very busy week – and with this has come tiredness as well as lethargy. When I feel like this, I always look to the experts for help, because if I can recognise this before it spirals out of control, I can get myself out of a negative cycle.

One person, who in my opinion is amazing, is Mel Robbins. If you haven’t come across her yet, watch her Ted Talk, she will really make you think and question yourself. We can go through life and be told ‘Oh don’t worry, things will be ok’ by the ones we love, and bless them, they have the best intentions in the world.  But what this makes us then wait for life to hand something to us, and when it doesn’t, we feel even worse. Life doesn’t owe us anything or ensure that we will be ok, we have to do that for ourselves.

Make a choice or put up and shut up!

When I was watching Mel’s talk, I almost felt like I was being told off.  What we often need is some tough love – we need to understand that things don’t happen to us, we make them happen.   What she said was absolutely right, we all have the ability to get what we want, but we make a choice not to do anything about it.

I know exactly what I need to do to change things in my life but sometimes juggling everything can make it all just a bit too hard and the doubt sets in.  I need to change my habits and realign my priorities, or more of my life will pass me by and I will become more frustrated with myself for just bobbing along.

Obviously if you are happy just bobbing along, then there is no problem, but if like me you are not, you need to do something about it – and now!

Make Your Choice

So it comes down to this, it is this simple – do you want something badly enough or not?  Are you willing to change your habits, make sacrifices and commit to doing what it takes?  If not, then stop moaning about it.  Those around you will also get fed up of hearing about it because you aren’t willing to try.

We are our own worst enemies, we self sabotage our own success by giving up when it all gets a bit tricky or uncomfortable.   Anyone who has ever achieved anything great has had to do it through hard work and determination, even when the odds were stacked against them.  We only really see the end product and instead of thinking about how they got there, and this makes their journey look easy because we haven’t seen or experienced their struggles.

I have self sabotaged, given up when it has all got a bit tricky and used excuses to say why I couldn’t commit to something.  But I can’t make excuses any more – I have to really commit, and I will be successful as a writer because I’m not going to give up until I am.

Whether its changing your career, getting fit, losing weight or getting a promotion at work, whatever it is, if you decide that this is really what you want, and you are willing to discipline yourself to achieve it – anything is possible!

So you need to ask yourself – What is the one thing you really want?   Are you willing to change your habits, get comfortable with it being one of the hardest things you have ever done and realise that it is going to take time?

If the answer is yes, good luck and bon voyage – its going to be one hell of a journey!

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