Leap of Faith!


We all need to take a leap of faith, but some of us also need a push!  

This week I have been taking the advice of the amazing Mel Robbins and changing my habits, and this is why.

I am writing my first book, something I have never done before and it has taken years.  At times I have lost motivation and momentum and there have been weeks when I haven’t written a word.  Just before Christmas, I lost someone very special to me, my grandmother, and I felt my loss very deeply – and still do.

Looking back this was a real turning point for me.  If she’d been watching me she would have told me off for procrastinating, and told me how fantastic I was and how I was capable of anything.  It dawned on me, if I want to finish my book and live the life I choose, I have to stop repeating the same patterns.

My job and family life are very busy and the treadmill feels like it is constantly moving, often getting faster and faster instead of a steady pace.  I realised I was using tiredness and ‘life’ as an excuse for not moving forward.

Over the last month I have really been fired up because I have realigned my priorities and made time for the important stuff, but I have also needed to make other big changes to really push forward.  So, as a person who loves her sleep and bed, I have effected a major change.

I am being completely honest here, this has not been easy and there have been moments when I have thought ‘what and idiot – go back to sleep!’  However, I have persevered and set my alarm for 6am every morning.

Amazingly, after the initial shock of being awake, I have gone to my iPad, and written at least 300 words each morning in under 45 minutes.  This does not seem an awful lot, but it is productive for me.  The feeling of accomplishment after I have done this is amazing and I am in a really positive mood at the start of the day.  I am only on day 3, so the euphoria may not last, however if I don’t try something different and really commit to getting my book finished, the time, effort and sacrifice that have gone into my writing, will be a complete waste of time.

I think if we think long and hard, we all have things that we put off until tomorrow or say that the timing is not right or come up with some other excuse.  We need to decide whether it is something we truly want and are willing to make sacrifices for and work hard for, and if its not, we probably didn’t want it badly enough anyway.

If we take a leap of faith and change our habits and routines to make time for the things that matter, anything is possible!  We just have to want it badly enough.

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