Attract all the good stuff!


You know when you’ve had those times when everything seems to go wrong? Well on my journey, I’ve found out something very interesting that might explain a lot….

We’ve all had those days when everything from the very moment we open our eyes seems to go wrong, and even gets worse as the day progresses.  I have had days like that where I’ve thought ‘what was the point in getting out of bed today!’  I’ve had tasks to do and said to myself, this is not going to go well and hey presto – it had been a disaster!

In my search for answers and strategies to help me forge forward, one thing that has been a recurring theme, is the law of attraction.  I thought this was just about magnets, but apparently not!

In a nutshel (and this is a very simple explanation), the principle is that if we have negative thoughts and a negative attitude then we will attract negativity, but it also works the other way round, if we think positively – good things will happen!  Sounds to good to be true?  Well, if you take it at face value it probably is.

I like to think I’ve always been a glass-half-full kinda girl, but sometimes when everything seems against you, it can be really hard to be positive.  The theory is that with positive thoughts, come positive actions.  Because we are thinking about things with a positive spin, we will take actions that will reinforce our belief.

In my life, I have been writing my book.  When I started, I said to myself ‘this is going to be really hard and is probably going to take a long time to do.’  Guess what – it has taken years and yes it was always going to be hard, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it!

Recently I have changed my mindset and said to myself, I can actually finish my book in weeks if I really want to, and although it is really bloody hard, I absolutely love it!  Amazingly, because I have changed my habits, I have put into place actions that can facilitate this change.  I am getting up early in the morning and writing before I go to work, and guess what – I have doubled my output by committing the time and I really feel invigorated.

It is our mindset that we need to change if we are ever going to achieve what is important to us, and if we continue to think negatively, we are only going to attract more misery!

So what it is that you want to achieve?  What is the one thing you think you cannot do?  What if you thought to yourself – you know what, I can do this and I will!  How would your life begin to change?  You could always consider the alternative – carry on with everything as it is and watch the years pass by.

Only you can take control and make a change – what are you waiting for?



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