Strive to be unique – not perfect!


We all seem to beat ourselves up because we haven’t quite realised that Wonder Woman is not actually a real person!  We don’t have super powers and can’t do everything, and perfect – are you actually kidding!

I admit, I have been the world’s worst at this, I have had a serious dose of imposter syndrome, you know when you think you are not good enough and eventually someone will find out that you are really a fraud!

But recently, I have changed my mindset – and this is really important.  I am not perfect, not even close, and I actually shouldn’t try to be – perfect doesn’t exist!  We only look at the lives and achievements of others and think they are perfect, from my experience, this is really not the case.  I have yet to meet one perfect individual in my life – and I have met a lot of people!

Everyone has differences and flaws, and its these things that make us all unique.  The flaws we have are things that we can work on, and that is part of growing up and being honest with ourselves.  We should always try to improve ourselves because that is what makes us stronger.  But there comes a point where we need to think to ourselves – enough!

Accept the good, the bad and the ugly and realise that you are good enough!

We need to understand that our true friends and hopefully our families (but I know this isn’t always the case), love us regardless of things we might regard as our flaws, and actually love us more because of them!  We need to stop beating ourselves up all the time and actually give ourselves a break!

Life can be hard enough without us being constantly negative about ourselves, and what actually happens is that the more we think this, we actually project this on to others, and they start to think it too!

It all comes down to mindset, if you think negatively guess what – negative things will manifest themselves and you become stuck in a downward spiral.  However – and I came up with this earlier (don’t know if I need to patent this!) but I believe in the Peter Pan Ideal – if you think and believe in positive thoughts, then you can start to fly!

So I ask you – what is it that you need to accept about yourself?



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